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The Department of English was established in 1901, the year Cotton College was founded, and has continued to play an important role in contributing to the academic and cultural life of the entire Northeastern region. Prof F.W. Sudmerson, founder Principal of Cotton College was the one who started the department. From the session 1913-14, an undergraduate course in English was introduced under Calcutta University, and in 1914, a postgraduate course was introduced, thus marking the beginning of Post-Graduate education in Assam. Since 1979, the department has moved on from being under Gauhati University to Cotton College State University, and now Cotton University.

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Head of the Department

Recent Publications

  • Anupom Kumar Hazarika, Queer Dharonavitik Axomiya Golpo, Satsori , [2023]

  • Merry Baruah, Anthropocentrism and Ecology: Intersections and Interactions in Shubhangi Swarup's Latitudes of Longing, IIS University Journal of Arts , vol.11(2), 114-130, [2022]

  • Merry Baruah, Silence as Narrative and the Silent Narrative: Introspecting the Impairing Imperialism in Kazuo Ishiguro's The Buried Giant, Drishti: the Sight , vol.XI, [2022]

  • Merry Baruah, Transgender Rhetoric in A Gift of Goddess Lakshmi: Reading into the Narrative of Defiance, Drishti: the Sight2022 , vol.XI, 139-143, [2022]

  • Anupom Kumar Hazarika, Saurav Kumar Chalihar Dhrubokt Xomoi aru Akangkha, Pragjyotika (Assam Sahitya Sanimilani) , [2021]

  • Dr. Rakhee Kalita Moral, Narrating India’s Northeast: Contexts, Spaces, Representations”, Innerscape: Exploring Literatures from India’s North East. (Book edited by Arunabha Bhuyan), Papyrus , [2021]

  • Dr. Rakhee Kalita Moral, Once Upon the Hills: A Handbook of Feminist Voices and Everyday Practices in Nagaland, Heritage Publishing House , [2021]

  • Dr. Rakhee Kalita Moral, '"Walking with the Gods": Writing Land and Body in India's Northeast', Dibrugarh University Journal of English Studies, Vol.29 , [2021]

  • Dr. Rakhee Kalita Moral, '"The Spectre of Death in Narratives of Disease and Plagues". Reflections in the Time of the Pandemic', Anvesan, Vol. XIII (2020-2021) , [2021]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, "The Crisis of Identity: Reframing the Self in Kavery Nambisan's Mango-Coloured Fish", Indian Narrative Tradition: Text, Performance and Interpretations. New Delhi: Pencraft International, 2021,pp. 156-164. , [2021]

  • Routledge India, Uncomfortable Questions and Answers: Teaching "Death in Venice", English Teachers' Accounts: Essays on the Teacher, the Text and the Indian Classroom [Book edited by Nandana Dutta] , [2021]

  • Dr. Dhrubajyoti Das, “Sampratik Asomiya Kobitar Boudhik Swarup”, Prakash , [2020]

  • Dr. Sanghamitra Sadhu, “The Scrutinised Life: Gandhi and His Interlocutors”, Gandhi and the Contemporary World. Ed. Sanjeev Kumar. Routledge , [2020]

  • Jeetumoni Basumatary, "Mohamari Arw Thunlai" (Pandemic and Literature), Gambari, Vol. III, Issue X , [2020]

  • Dr. Rajashree Bargohain, Poetry, Identity and the Geography of Culture: Representations of Landscape in Poetry in English from Northeast India”, Asian Ethnicity (a Taylor and Francis journal) , [2020]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, "Writing as Resistance", The Book Review. Vol XLIV Number 6, June 2020 , [2020]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, "Memories of Partition", Muse India, Issue 92 (July-August 2020) , [2020]

  • Dr. Dhrubajyoti Das, Modernism in the Poetry of Navakanta Barua: A Selective Reading, Rock Pebbles, Issue 3, Vol 33 , [2019]

  • Dr. Dhrubajyoti Das, “Emersonor The American Scholar” (Emerson’s ‘The American Scholar’), Goriyoshi , [2019]

  • Dr. Dhrubajyoti Das, “Tony Morrison-or The Bluest Eye” (Tony Morrison’s ‘The Bluest Eye’), Prakash , [2019]

  • Dr. Deetimali Barua Nath, "Belief, Disbelief and Compromise" A Reading of The Gurkha's Daughter", Innerscape: Exploring Literatures from India’s North East. Book edited by Arunabha Bhuyan, Papyrus , [2019]

  • Dr. Dhrubajyoti Das,  “Poetry of Nirmalprabha Bordoloi: A Study of Nature, Love and Locale” , Innerscape: Exploring Literature from India’s Northeast (Book edited by Arunabha Bhuyan), Papyrus , [2019]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, "Ethnicity and Identity: A Reading of Select Poems by Jogamaya Chakma.”, Innerscape: Exploring Literatures from India’s North East. (Book edited by Arunabha Bhuyan), Papyrus , [2019]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, “Toril Moi: “Female, Feminine, Feminist.”, Literary and Critical Theory II, (Self Learning Materials) Block 3, UNIT: 11. KKHSOU, Guwahati , [2019]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, “Two Roads to Decolonization: Gandhi and Tagore.” Literatures from North-East India, Literatures from North-East India (In English and Translation. (Self Learning Materials) Block3, Unit: 11. KKHSOU, Guwahati , [2019]

  • Dr. Kalpana Bora Barman, Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya's Yaruingam or Love in the Time of Emergency, Literatures from North-East India (In English and Translation. (Self Learning Materials),KKHSOU, Guwahati , [2019]

  • Dr. Chandrima Goswami, Guru T Ladakhi’s A Himalayan Ballad: A Tale of Love and Longings”, Innerscape: Exploring Literatures from India’s North East.  Ed. Arunabha Bhuyan. Papyrus, , [2019]

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  • Dr. Dhrubajyoti Das, “Re-reading Select Nature Poems of Nirmalprabha Bordoloi and Emily Dickinson from Ecocritical Perspective”, Remarking- An Analisation, Vol 3, Issue 9 , [2018]

  • Dr. Merry Baruah Bora, “Constructing Womanhood: Discourse of Femininity in Select Indian Advertisements”, Dimorian Review, Vol 5.2 , [2018]

  • Dr. Rakhee Kalita Moral, “Scripting the Freedom Song: The Moment of Dissent in Assam”, RivistaDegliStudi Orientale (University of Rome) Vol XCI, Supplement 2 , [2018]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, The Politics of Food Cultures of India". Book Review of Nandita Haksar's The Flavours of Nationalism, Coldnoon: International Journal of Travel Writing and Travelling Cultures , [2018]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, "Baby Haldar's A Life Less Ordinary: Domestic Work, Motherhood, and the Dalit Woman", Antyajaa: Indian Journal of Women and Social Change. Vol 3.2, , [2018]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, Book Review of Avinuo Kire's The Power to Forgive (Zubaan Books, 2016)., MZU Journal of Literature and Cultural Studies, V.1, June 2018. , [2018]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, "Women of Nagaland" Book Review of Temsula Ao's Aosenla's Story (Zubaan Books, 2017), Muse India, Issue 79 , [2018]

  • Dr. Arpana Nath, Reading Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable as a Critique of Colonial Modernity”, Rethinking Colonialism and Globalisation: The Historical Saga of India from the 19th century onwards (Book edited by Madhuri Saikia), DVS Publishers, Delhi , [2018]

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  • Dr. Rajashree Bargohain, "Her Thighs Still Smell of Milk”: Partition and Poetry in Northeast India” , Café Dissensus 44 Spec. Issue of Women as the Displaced: The Context of South Asia , [2018]

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  • Merry Baruah, Quest for Identity: A Reading of Shashi Deshpande's Small Remedies, Negotiations , vol.2, 24-29, [2012]

  • Merry Baruah/Dibrugarh University, Dept of English, 1. Myths in Shashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors and A Matter of Time, DUJES , vol.18, [2009]

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