Prof. Rakhee Kalita Moral

Prof. Rakhee Kalita Moral


Ph.D. : Gauhati University (2000)

Research Interests:

Feminist Theory, Gender and Society, Modernist Literature, Conflict and Peace, Gender/ Sexuality Studies, Postcolonial Genders, Women in NE India
Date of Joining : Sep 1, 2013

Phone: +91 9871928887

Prof. Rakhee Kalita Moral CV    Vidwan Profile


Dr Rakhee Kalita Moral is a PhD in American Literature and has worked on the sociology of TS.Eliot's poetic identity and sense of nation , with later research concerns in postcolonial studies and has works at the intsections of Literary theory, gender and Northeast India Studies. Her postdoctoral research has been in Gender Studies at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi where she was a Nehru Fellow from 2013 -2015, and  has published in gender, conflict and society, apart from postcolonial literature and has publications in national and international journals and critical volumes. A Visiting Faculty at the Centre for Study of Social Systems (C-SSS), JNU in 2016, she has been actively  involved in research on NE India.  Currently involved in a research program of the International Institute of Asian Studies(IIAS) , Leiden University, she was PI of the Humanities Across Borders program funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation (2017-2021) and has published a feminist handbook for pedagogy on gender studies. She collaborated with the School of Women's Studies, Jadavpur University and was appointed as an expert in the project on Oral Histories of Women's Movements and  Memories in NE India under the RUSA Program on Academic Networking and Collaborations of Indian Universities (2019-20)



Have taught English literature for more than twenty seven years at Cotton College and Cotton University with various interests and focus areas in American Literature and Culture, Feminism,  Modernism, Postmodernism, Critical and Literary Theory apart from Gender and Sexuality, Literatures and cultures of NE India . A Research supervisor in these areas she has turned out several doctoral scholars registered under Gauhati University and is currently guiding 6 PhD scholars in the English department of Cotton University. I also lecture at Refresher programs in Gauhati University 's MHRD and ASC  courses conducted in English , Research Methodology, Women's Studies Research etc and 

Currently also teaching in and coordinating the Gender Studies PG program at Cotton University with undergrad courses in Gender and Society, Women's Voices and Histories and multidisciplinary courses like Gender and Climate Change.

Research Projects

Making Women Count for Peace Peace Research Institute , Oslo ( completed) 2015

Humanities Across Borders, Leiden University . IIAS- Mellon Foundation ( completed) 2017-2022

Movements, Memories and Oral Histories of Women in NE India /School of Women's Studies, Jadavpur University (2019-2020, unfinished due to Covid)


Research paper publications till 2021

  1. Scripting the Freedom Song: The Moment of Dissent in Assam” in RivistaDegliStudi Orientale (University of Rome) Vol XCI, Supplement 2, Dec 2018
  2. Rumour, Rhetoric, Rebellion: Negotiating the Archive and the Witness in Assam. NMML Monograph. Perspectives in Indian Development Series. No. 31, 2015 (online edition,
  3. “The Woman Rebel and the State:  Making War, Making Peace in Assam”. EPW. Review of Women’s Studies. Special Issue. Vol 49, Nos. 43 & 44, 1 November, 2014
  4. ‘“Living and Partly Living”: The Politics of Freedom and the Women of ULFA’, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library. Occasional PaperHistory and Society. New Series #31: 2013
  5. “Of Ends and Beginnings: War, Peace and the Interregnum”, Seminar# 640  December ( Assam: The Unstable Peace), New Delhi: 2012
  6. Locating Identities and Otherness: Conflict, Representation and the Politics of Belonging in Northeast India’, Negotiations: Journal of the Department of EnglishCotton College, Vol 2. No 1 (2012)
  7. Book Review: Tilottoma Misra, Ramnabami Natak. South Asian History and CultureVol 1 #1: 2010 (165-189) 2010
  8. “Gender, Power, Insurgencies: Women in Conflict”, Concerns and Voices. A Journal of Cotton College Women’s Forum. Guwahati: 2009
  9. ‘Readings from No Man’s Land: Anurag Mahanta’s Owlingor Jui, Biblio (ed) Rukmini Bhaya Nair. Vol XII. No 5&6, June 2008
  10. A Poetics of Place: Pamuk’s Istanbul, Modernity and the Imaginary of the City’, Journal of the Department of English, Gauhati University (ed) Nandana Dutta. Vol.6: 2007
  11. “Creative Signs in Ibsen’s Last Plays: The Problem of the Artist and his Aesthetic”, Negotiations: Journal of the Dept of English, Cotton College. Vol 1. No 1, 2004 (1-15)
  12. “T.S. Eliot’s Education and the Boston Years”Cotton College Research JournalVol I , 2001

Book publication relating subject/research concerned

  1. In the Shadow of the Blue Hills: Gender, Mobilities and Resistance (Routledge) forthcoming 2020
  2. Voices and Concerns: Gender and Society in NE India. (Eds) Cotton College Women’s Forum. 2010
  3. At the Frontier and Beyond: Essays in Literature and Culture. (Eds)  Macmillan 2005

Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)

  1. Narrating India’s Northeast: Contexts, Spaces, Representations” in Innerscape (ed) Arunabha Bhuyan. Papyrus, 2019
  1. “Demobilised, Dispossessed, Disappeared…? In Search of ULFA’s Female ex-Combatants” in Women, Peace and Security in Northeast India (ed) Ashild Kolas. Zubaan 2017
  1. Frames of Peace? Counterinsurgency and the Politics of Gender in Postconflict Assam” in Fixity and Fluidity: History, Politics and Culture of North East India (eds) Manjeet Barua, et al. JNU Publications: 2016

  1. “Beyond Borders and Between the Hills: Voices and Visions from Karbi Anglong, or Whose Hills are These Anyway?’ in Emerging Literatures from Northeast India: The Dynamics of Culture, Society and Identity (ed) Margaret Zama. IIAS- Sage Publications: 2013
  1. “Writing Terror: Men of Rebellion and Contemporary Assamese Literature” in Breaking the Impasse in Northeast India (ed) Sanjib Baruah, Center for Policy Research. Oxford University Press: 2009
  1. “Eliot, Exile and the Idea of Tradition” in At the Frontier and Beyond. Literature and its Relations .(eds) Gautam Sarma and Rakhee K. Moral. Macmillan India: 2005
  1. “Filling the Gaps: Narrative Memory and Amitav Ghosh’s Art of Telling” in Reflections on LiteratureCriticism and Theory.(eds) K.C.Baral, Venkat Rao and Sura P. Rath. Pencraft International: 2004
  1. “’Slip, Sliding Away’”: The Postcolonial Transformation of the Assamese and the Politics of Identity” in The Northeast in Identities: Local and Global. (eds) P.C. Kar and K.C. Baral. Forum on Contemporary Theory.MS University,Baroda. Pencraft International:2003

  1. “In Time of the Breaking of Nations”: The Glass Palace as Postcolonial Narrative. In Amitav Ghosh. Critical Perspectives. (ed) Brinda Bose. Pencraft International. 2003                                                                                                                                                                     


Book publication other than subject concerned

Book publication other than subject concerned

Once Upon the HillsA Handbook of Women’s Voices in Nagaland and Assam (Heritage Publishing House, forthcoming 2020 under HaB project)

Other Informations

  1. Nehru Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teen Murti, New Delhi, 2013-2015
  1. Consultant with PRIO , Norway on its research program on NE India and Nepal, Making Women Count for Peace, 2014-2015
  1. Visiting Fellow, C-SSS, JNU, 2016
  2. Leading NE India Project of Humanities Across Borders Program, IIAS, Leiden (2016-2022) as PI, 2017 till date
  3. Head, Centre for Women’s Studies, Cotton University, 2021 till date

Awards and Distinctions:

1.        Won the Saahas Prerna award of WISCOMP, 2021, under the aegis of the Dalai Lama'a Foundation for Universal Responsibility

  1. Visiting faculty/ National Expert under RUSA at SWS, Jadavpur University, March 2020
  2. Visiting Faculty, CSSS, JNU, February 2016
  3. Nehru FellowshipNehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teen Murti, New Delhi ( 2013-2015)
  4. Selected for Rotary International Professional Fellowship under Group Study Exchange, Rotary International, USA, to teach in secondary level education institutes and universities Northern Italy, May-June 2001
  5. Awarded Teacher Study Grant (pre-doctoral work), American Studies Research Centre, Hyderabad, June-July 1992