Research Areas

Victorian Fiction, Indian Writing in English

Gender, literature and society. Literary theory and cultural stud- ies with a focus of con ict and its representation in India's North East.

Postcolonial Studies, Sociolinguistics, Folklore, Cultural Studies.

Indian Writings in English, Writings from the North East, Woman and Gender Studies

North East Studies, American Literature, World Poetry, Cultural Studies, Assamese Literature

Life Writing, Digital Humanities, Postcolonial Literature

Postcolonial Studies, Literary Theory, Indian Writing In English, Women's Writing, Literature from the Northeast.

Postcolonial literatures, Spatial theory and narratives of space, Urban ction, Gender

Fiction, Indian English Literature Drama, Folklore, Writings from India's Northeast, Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Cultural Nationalism

Drama, Theater, Asian American literature, Australian and Cana- dian literatures, Gender Studies, Fiction Studies, Contemporary Literary and Cultural Theory, Pedagogy and Curriculum Studies

Gender Studies, Dalit Literature, Indian Literature in English and Translation, Folklore, Literature from North-East India

Eastern Himalayan literature and culture studies, Literature from Northeast India in English and translation, Assamese Literature and culture studies